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Here is a video which is super short and gives a quick overview.

Recommended Website

This website is excellent. All my research on sociocracy tells me that this website has the best training and coaching at free or affordable prices. I also like that both of the trainers live in a Cohousing community that practices sociocracy and they have helped other communities make the transition to using sociocracy.

A Clear Example of How Sociocracy is Utilized in Cohousing

was glad to attend this webinar and at the end you can see me participating with my questions and presence. I love how they first have the webinar lasting an hour, and then have about 1/2 of hangout with people who want to stay longer. This video gives a great overview of how Sociocracy can work in a community, and I was able to get my burning questions answered!


Free Training Series

I watched all of the videos in this series which is designed to be done with a group of people so that they can learn how to conduct a meeting using sociocratic principles. I look forward to doing this with a group. In the mean time, it helped me to be more confident of facilitating a group. Every time I listen to any of the videos from Sociocracy for All, I learn something new. Ted and Jerry, the co-founders of SoFA, relay their information in ways I can easily understand.

Sociocracy and Nonviolent Communication 

Sociocracy and Nonviolent Communication go hand in hand, as shown by this short video. Everywhere I go, I find that Nonviolent Communication as taught by Marshall Rosenberg, is being used in groups in order to increase connection and build communication. Sociocracy is a structure that increases participants’ ability to help each other meet needs. I think both are necessary for healthy community.

I’m glad to see that this article explains that the Center for Nonviolent Communication is adopting Sociocracy as their model for governance If only Marshall would have known about this when I first met him! Many hurtful things could have been avoided, including me getting rejected by a circle of NVC teachers in San Diego, even though Marshall approved of me! That is another story! We are all learning–that is for sure! Here is a video which explains in more detail about how NVC and Sociocracy can be integrated.

Case Studies

This article explains how sociocracy is used in a Timebank, which is something I want to get started as a key element of the Livable Future Alliance.

This article provides lots of case studies of how sociocracy is used in organizations, both for-profit and non-profit.

Sociocracy 3.0: Another resource

This website was my first into to sociocracy and I love all the written materials. I communicated with James Priest and took a brief class from him when I attended a conference. However, I needed more videos, case studies, and affordable trainings, so I was glad I found Sociocracy for All. I am glad to see a growing number of people embracing this form of governance and dedicating their lives to helping people use this in their groups.

Feedback Wanted

If you have any questions about or experiences with Sociocracy, I hope you will share in the comments below. Thanks for reading!






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